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Fast and Affordable Web Hosting Service

  - Overview on web hosting
  - What is Web Hosting
  - How to use web hosting
  - The Advantages of Website Hosting
  - Summary on a good Web Hosting Service


Overview on web hosting

We have a high end modern hosting technology that is new on the web.  But the sign up process and setting up of your website  will still be as easy as signing up for the traditional web hosting technologies that most people are used to.  But the benefits are much much more here.  Our web hosting is running off of the best cloud server technologies available.  So the bandwidths are always evenly distributed across the cloud technology.  If you have heard of cloud server technology.  It is very modern and its better than the traditional dedicated servers that web hosting companies have been using for years. Because dedicated server technologies can easily have bandwidth clog up and slow downs.  With our cloud server technologies there is now speed problem.  So you will never have your web pages pulling up slowly even if you have lots of images.  You will also have no problem with speedy pull ups even if you are in a network with many other customers.  With this type of web hosting, having many customers sharing the network does not affect your bandwidth and page load speed.  Doesn't affect your upload or download speed either.  So basically with our hosting technology, although its very cheap you will still experience a very fast reliable hosting of your web pages. 

Our web hosting service is very cheap and affordable.  It will be very difficult to find another company that will match our low prices  either for month to month contract, or for annual contract, or 24 months contract.  Our website hosting firm is able to offer very good hosting and still be affordable so try our hosting.  Our web hosting plans are setup soon after you place your order just like the major web hosting companies who are much more expensive than us.  So using our web hosting service will be well worth your time and bucks!

What is Web Hosting

Web hosting is the mechanism that allows you to serve your web pages on a web server to make it available to the whole world  through a web browser (and off course internet explorer and firefox are examples of a web browser).   With web hosting you can make documents available to be accessed by people around the world.  If you were in another building you can access the pages being hosting. If you were in another country you can access the pages as well.  Web hosting usually requires some web designing initially to get the pages ready before they can be hosted for the world to see.  Omega One Media also offers website designing services which you can view at this page.  Web hosting is very important if you have a business especially if you have a business that you want to grant an online presence.  With web hosting, people can access your business products and services from far away.  So with web hosting people can order your products or services online.  With web hosting you will have many options available to you.  You will have the opportunity to add several shopping features like shopping cart or add features like credit card terminal and so on.  Web hosting will also enable you to have a website that can process several other functions.  Web hosting can provide you with blogs, website hosting can provide you with complex calculation forms for your business.  Web hosting can provide you with message board capabilities and so on.  Web hosting will afford you the ability to host images of friends and family if that's all you want to do with it.  There are so many other cool functions that web hosting can give you.  So basically web hosting is service that provides you with all these cool features mentioned above.  With all these capabilities, I hope you can find how to use it well.

How to use web hosting

Again, you can use web hosting for several cool functions which I will try to describe in extra detail here.  You can use web hosting to provide documents or articles for research.  You can use web hosting to create a good information source that people can access and read.  You can also use web hosting to provide limited access (access to only a certain group of people) and make it accessible by password only.   You can use our website hosting service to create an online store and sell different products.  You can use web hosting to accept membership signups online.  You can also use web hosting to create social web sites were people can meet.  Web hosting is a very cool technology and we offer all aspects of its features here so check us out today!

The Advantages of Website Hosting

Having a website through web hosting can really give you lots of advantages over a business that doesn't have a website.  Web hosting can allow you to offer your products across the globe - that is across the whole world.  Instead of across a street or street corner.  So there is a big difference between having your products available to people all over the world and just having it available to a few people in a little neighborhood.  You can also use a website hosting by your web hosting to gather information from visitors on your website and keep in touch with them.  This feature will not be available to you if you had just a physical store.  Web hosting will also allow you to have an email address  and so many other features.   Oh Yes! web hosting is very advantageous!


Summary on a good Web Hosting Service

A good web hosting service needs to have 2 basic features at least.  There are other important features but the 2 most important are speed and price.  Amount of space is usually not as important these days because space offered  by all web hosters is usually more than enough.  But can you find a hosting with a low price and still be reasonably fast.  At Omega One Media, not only is our hosting service fast enough, its actually very fast rather than just reasonably fast.  A good web hosting service should also have at least one hosting plan that is cheap enough.  Most major web hosting companies that are fast like us start at $7 to $9 a month for their lowest plan but we start at $3.49.   And I can tell you now that $7 or $9 is very expensive.   That price used to be sensible years ago when Gigabytes space and band widths were still expensive.  But now that these 2 features have become much more affordable to offer, prices should really fall.  But a lot of web hosting companies are greedy and don't want to lower their prices.  For example Yahoo web hosting is still as expensive as $11.95  per month for their starter plan.  Their web hosting starter plan is their lowest plan.  As you can see, this is extremely expensive.  But unfortunately this is very common with many web hosts.  So avoid these companies and save your money!

thank you for reading up!


Omega One Media Team

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