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Some Tips On How To Rank page 1 on Google And


How to Implement The Process





Many people like to have their websites to rank page 1 on Google. But only some know the secrets and the ways to implement those secrets to rank page 1 on Google. This article is all about such secrets to rank page 1 on Google and what should be done in order to keep a steady balance in that rank. The main thing that one should note when he or she wants to rank page 1 on Google is that this position is the most competitive one in the whole internet arena and many people are struggling to get past the others to just rank page 1 on Google. If you know the secrets and know how to implement them then this is the best thing that you can give to your website. Here are some important things that you should note to rank page 1 on Google.

Content- the backbone of a website:

If you want to rank page 1 on Google then you should be very clear about the content that you put on your website. The better the content is , the stronger your website’s rank will be. No one can do anything to drop down the rank of your website and this is the best thing that one should note when planning to rank page 1 on Google. If your website has some good and relevant content then the search engine are more likely to come and grasp your website to the top ranks. If you are having duplication in your contents then there is a chance for the search engines to not even look or cache your website. Always try to get the best content on your website and there is nothing wrong in spending some time for that too. Also you should update the content in your website on a regular basis and this is the main thing that most of the common and popular search engines like Google look for. If you want to rank page 1 on Google then you ought to change the contents on a regular basis and this can be done by using a good content writer who know how to write search engine friendly contents.

Keyword research leads to a good rank:

The main thing that you should know when you want to rank page 1 on Google is the keyword that most of the people search for. A thorough knowledge of this keyword is the one that results in the contents of the website and the other off shore optimisation work done by you. You can use some powerful tools like the Google webmaster tools and also Google analytics to know which keyword people mostly look for in your site. When you know this you can start off on focussing with those keywords and this will ultimately have a good result in your website’s presence too. Keyword research is done by many search engine optimisation companies and some of them are good in this fact too. Normally, the keywords should have at least two or three words so as to make it a user-friendly and also search engine friendly keywords. There are also some online tools that will help you to find out the keywords that would best suit your website. You can use them too to know more about the keywords and the functions too.

Using the keywords wisely is very important:

It is not that you should use the keywords in any way you want to. If you use the keywords wisely you can end up in making your website rank page 1 on Google. There are some important things that should be there in the keywords and these are some important ways how you can develop them in the website too. Try to use H1 tags as much as possible for your keywords. The title tag for your keywords is also very important and this tag is the one that will highlight your keyword in the website. There should be some link text in the website that is within the page and also from other pages too. These are in other words called as back links. It will be also good if the page URL has the keyword and this has a good effect on the ranking criteria. But this is something very tough as most of the companies would like to have such titles only. Image alt text is also equally important and you should tag the images using the keywords. Also highlighting the keywords using the bold and italics have a good effect too, especially if you want your website to rank page 1 on Google. However, it is always better to use text as much as possible instead of image. But if you are keen in using images then you should make sure you use a good keyword rich alt text that goes with the images.

Get plenty of back links to make your website stronger:

One of the main things that search engines look for while ranking a site is how well the site is linked by others. This is more or less similar to the reputation that one has in front of others. If we have some good friends then we will have a good future and everything relating to us will end up in good things only. But if we have some bad friends then whatever we do we end up in bad things only. The same logic is followed in the case of back links. If you have back links from sites that have good page ranks then you can very well be sure that your website can rank page 1 on Google. This is because you site will have a good foundation and nothing can be done to make the ranking fall down. This is the main thing that one should note when planning to make a website rank page 1 on Google.


These are some good tips that would help a new comer to the field of search engine optimisation get good results and also end up in making the website rank page 1 on Google. If you follow these tips with utmost care and dedication your website can be there on the first page of Google for quite a long time and nothing can make it fall apart.







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